Fake / Dummy Data Tech Community is Growing

We are excited to see that the number of vendors providing dummy / fake / mock tools to the global developer community is growing at a quickening pace. Developers are embracing turnkey-everything, serverless and automation generally across their tool sets. This means less time wasted on “donkey work” (coined by MuleSoft founder Ross Mason) and more time spent actually coding and deploying solutions that solve real problems for anxiously waiting users.

One startup we are happy to give a shout out to is fakeJSON: https://fakejson.com/

They provide a hosted mock API, both pre-configured and configurable, that can represent any kind of API a developer wants to test against. What is particularly awesome about this solution is that it not only exposes pre-packaged dummy data but it also includes a server and account system, saving the developer that extra work.

We look forward to seeing fakeJSON and other players in this space grow. This space is fertile, with a lot of room for growth in the community’s journey into a low-code world.

The DummyHub Team